vs. waxing?

So, what are the main differences in result between a rotary epilator and waxing? To me, buying a good quality epilator sounds a hundred times better than waxing - less mess and they are meant to last for awhile. Come on, where’s the catch? Is it just the possibility of pain?

If you really want to do one or the other, and you want to maintain that look constantly, and you promise you won’t ever pick at your ingrowns, and you don’t mind spending a couple hours a week in your bathroom with a cooling fan pointed at you, then epilating is better than waxing.

It’s the same thing essentially, but cheaper, far more convenient, can be done at 10pm instead of making an afternoon appointment and getting naked at some strange salloon with strange magazine racks that have strange hairstyling magazines with pictures of strange hairstyles.

Yeah epilating’s better, and sometimes I really miss the addicting pulling out of hair felt by an epilator. It’s strangely addicting. The effect lasts about a week, then two things grow out: new fresh hairs from previous epilating sessions months ago, and stubble from hairs that broke upon being pulled out last session. You’re gonna get ingrowns. You would if you waxed too, but it’s impossible and too expensive to wax an area that often so the ingrowns don’t happen as fast. You just get more fuzzy in between waxes. And what it costs to wax most of your body, the epilator pays for itself by the time someone would get waxed once or twice.

Epilating is like turbo-mini-waxing. JUST ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE HAIR IS PULLED OUT IN THE DIRECTION OF GROWTH. Going against the grain seems more effective, but there are things going on that you are yet to realize, and that’s the follical that will become severly damaged if you keep pulling it’s hair out at a different angle than it’s oriented. …But personally, I seriously wouldn’t do either. They both damage follicals, they both offer a false hope. I know you may not take my advice seriously, but a really good laser session or a good electrolygist is going to be worlds, worlds better for you. And lastly, and most importantly. If you expose plucked hair bulbs to the sun alot, you’re going to get hyperpigmentation spots. I’m dealing with those and they suck. I just advise against it because once you pluck, your hair is never the same. As much as a pain in the ass it is, shaving is going to make you smoother and keep your complexion far better.

Waxing is more expensive to maintain and can’t be done as frequently. And, after the first few times, the hair grows back quicker because hair cycles kick in.

Epilating is easier, cheaper, and more convenient. But, I can always tell if people epilate because it causes kind of lumpy oatmeal skin.


The horrible, horrible things we do to ourselves to look a certain way…
Thanks heaps for your advice. Sounds like epilators aren’t much better than waxing at all… maybe electrolysis is the only way to go for me. I just still can’t justify spending that much money on some fuzz. I don’t even go to a pro for waxing, which is why I caused myself so many problems in the first place.
Anyway thanks again <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />