volunteer to have work done at the schools?

is it possible to volunteer to have students work on me?

Absolutely. Schools look for clients to work on and you only pay a nominal fee for this service. My electrolysis school charged between $6 and $12 for a treatment. If you want body work done, try this option. Is there an accredited electrology school near you, Tom?

How does one find such schools? I have found beauty schools on the web (there are plenty) including those have an esthetician program, but they only do waxing and other skin treatment. Any electrology schools in North Texas?

The best gig would be to be an electrolysis examiner for the licensing board. You would get paid and you would be eventually hair free! The downside is having students work on you that aren’t very good. That would probably be painful.


If you were the examiner, they had better be good, as the time they would be coming to you, is the time they are submitting to you to say they are good enough!

Of course, there are so few people taking tests at so few times a year, that one would hardly get much work done. Some states have sunset their licensing laws due to lack of testings and renewals.

i have no idea if there is a school around here. i live in the portland/medford Oregon area… do you know of a way to check for schools in the area? that would be great! sorry for the slow response, ive been traveling