volt & new hair

I have two questions.

1)when the hair that grows back from using electrolysis, should I zap it as soon as I see a bit out, or should I wait until it is fully grown before I zap it?

2)what are the dials for? I have increased the dial this time and don’t find a difference in it. Or maybe I haven’t used it much, but I am wondering does the dial help to reduce the time to zap the hair or does it just help zap the hair if there is a difficult hair to remove? I am just not sure what the dial is for.

does anyone have an answer to this?

It is safe to “zap” a hair as soon as you are capable of grasping it with your tweezers. Technically speaking, a hair may be treated as soon as it is growing beneath the surface of the skin, however, if you can’t remove it from the follicle shaft, you may get an infection before it is shed up and out of the skin. That is why we wait till extraction is facilitated.

As for your dial question, since I don’t use the type of machine you are discussing, I can offer you no input on how it works.

I assume you are referring to the dial on the One Touch unit.

The dial is a simple 10k variable resistor where the highest setting is no resistance and the lowest setting is about 10k of electrical resistance. By reducing the resistance, you increase the current delivered. Thus when a zero setting gives a successful treatment in say 60 seconds (as an example, not an absolute), you may see the same success in 10 to 20 seconds on a much higher setting, and usually with considerably more pain and a more delicate sense of timing to avoid over treatment.

Some hairs require longer times or higher currents to achieve successful treatment. See www.NoHair.info for more info on the One Touch unit.