vloggers and face shaving / laser


Last week, a famous Middle Eastern beauty vlogger (over 1 million subscribers) put up a video about shaving her face. Now, long time readers will know I have nothing against women shaving their faces when there is no other option for their hair issues and it’s certainly a better option than waxing/threading/epilating. But this beauty ‘guru’ was advocating face shaving to remove the short, fine, practically invisible peach fuzz because it will make skin look ‘cleaner’ and makeup apply better.

This irritated me for a number of reasons but overwhelmingly that because of the influence women in her position have, other women and young girls may think that even this unnoticeable hair is problematic and needs removing and a whole new completely unnecessary face shaving trend will ensue. Until now, whenever anyone has expressed concern about this hair (that I think we would never classify as a ‘hair problem’) I direct them to close-up photos of models in magazines or candid celeb photos where you can see this hair. It’s not gross, it’s not unclean, it doesn’t make you look unkempt.

It hasn’t stopped there. Since she posted her vlog, a number of other beauty vloggers have put up videos on the either the same topic or on having their faces lasered. I just saw one last night about lasering the hairline. This lady has only just finished her year of treatment so she has no idea what the regrowth will look like or how much hair will return. None of this mentioned, just how amazing it has been thus far.

I suppose it was just a matter of time before we got to this stage but it makes me sad that we’re here already.


Also noticed a number of articles in our newspapers (UK) namely the Daily Mail advocating women shaving their faces, and as you say it can be used as an option for noticeable unwanted hair. But I hope it’s not going to be fashionable for removing vellus hair, we’re mean’t to be peachy, a bit fluffy, I for one being Celtic have a healthy amount and I’m not planing to add shaving to my daily routine. Let’s say no to the shining look!!

My two cents as a man, there is nothing wrong with vellus hair on a woman’s face.

In Japan, women shaving their faces (kao sori) has been a long-standing practice, although certain websites are presenting it as increasingly trendy even there. My understanding when I first learned of it 25+ years ago was that Japanese women were doing it more for exfoliation and supposed “wrinkle prevention” than for hair removal.

I have very long 'invisible hair along the jawline, it doesn’t bother me, although if it was black, I’d want rid.