Vitamin E increases hair production?

i used to take vitamin E tablets daily and it done wonders for my skin, but my father told me that it has been acclaimed to increase the amount of hair production, so i stopped taking it…

whats the scientific explanation behind it? is that true?

I started taking 400 IU of Vitamin E per day about a year ago and haven’t really noticed any new hair growth, except maybe a little bit more on my tummy. I wonder if the supplement could be contributing to this? Someone, please post an answer if you can.

It won’t cause hair growth. I used to take quite a bit of Vit E, didn’t notice a thing with my hair.

with vitamin e you have to start with lower dosages THEN go for higher ones !
if you suddenly stat at 400IU your body wont absorb it ,apparently, unless youve started with lower dosages.
that is what i have been told.

I think too much vitamins can cause hypervitaminosis, where your body cannot get rid of the (fat soluble) vitamins A D E and K.

The other (water soluble) vitamins, you can’t overdose on, no matter how much you take.

Since this topic is based on suspicion… I am not sure of vitamin E but I can suspect gelatin… as its made from evil process of converting animal bones into products sold to humans… :fearful:

hmmmm… again its suspicion… :grin: