Visual proofs of how Electrolysis afected my skin.

I recently opened this post:

I showed a picture of how a new wrinkle appeared after an electrolysis sesion:

I made a research over all my pictures and today I’ve been able to confirm it was due the electrolysis sesion. Look at these mark/marks I got after the sesion:

If you compare the pictures, you can see the wrinkle line fits with the mark:

I took the to pictures and put one alpha layer over the other and you can see it PERFECTLY fits.

So i think there is no doubt about it.

This is giving me a lot of anxiety everytime I smile.
I’ve been using Rosa mosqueta for 3 weeks. Not sure if this product exists out of Spain. Do you know it?

I must say I see it a little better BUT I’ve also gain a little weight so it can be for this.

Whatever, the question is if you guys think this marks can heal, if it heals by itself with the time, or if is there something to make the dermis heal.

Because if the marks heal, the wrinkle should disappear (I have a veeeery thin and sensitive skin)

But what I’m not sure is if once dermis is destroyed (as it might be the case?) is destroy forever.

This issue is killing me.

Thank you everyone.

Please tell us why You need three threads on that subject. One should be enough, shouldn’t it?

Although it is hard to separate the two roles i am covering here, i would like to go back to the role i had when i registered in this forum. That was not that of an electrologist, but instead that of a victim of a really massive and severe overtreatment in a beard removal. That resulted in several clearly visible permanent scars around my mouth and in the chin. I had to arrange myself with them, and they actually improved a lot over the years (i must admit that meanwhile my skin looks quite good for a 57 year old woman - although the marks are still visible). The recovery took longer than the 1 1/2 years Michael often advocates, but anyway i observed exactly what the message of the previous replies was: it will heal. It will improve. It will take its time.

It will not go any faster if You mentally run amoc. Maybe the psychological stress will even give You more wrinkles, permanent ones. The best advice i would like to give You is therefore to find a way to reduce Your stress level.

I don’t know… I mean I can see other visibly ‘large’ pores on your face. When you see the redness it means your skin is healing, it’s not a bad sign and always will return to normal. Electrolysis doesn’t cause wrinkles, gaining weight might add another fold onto your skin.

Your anxiety is caused by something else going on in your life and it feels to me like your projecting it onto what you perceive as caused by electrolysis. I think you’re letting your mind run wild with a lot of misinformation that you’ve read on the internet.

The tiny “pits” you see are nominal and will go away completely i.e., 100%. Your primary question, however, caused me to do some “head-scratching,” (and I had to get a ladder to the ceiling too!).

I was pretty sure about my answer, but had a plastic surgeon corroborate what I’m about to tell you.

Simply put, the post-treatment “dot-like” lesion that you have pointed out cannot cause a long “lateral fold” (or wrinkle as you call it) in the dermis. It’s simply not possible … period!

I could excise an entire “punch graft” of skin right down to the fat layer and, yes, you would get a nice round scar, but never a long lateral fold. I think you are experiencing two “events” and assuming one CAUSED the other. IT DID NOT!

It’s like this: a guy takes his car in for and oil change and when he drives off, his brakes aren’t working correctly. He concludes that the oil change caused the brake problem. Two events happened, but there is no causality … I mean, NONE at all.

As we age …. “Shit happens!” (And, that’s the scientific term for it too!)

Another thought …

Your skin will remain slightly inflamed and swollen for a good LONG time after electrolysis (6 months and longer). This added volume from the swelling could very well have caused the normal folds in your skin to, well, “fold” differently.

If this is the case, and it might be, this will resolve completely. NONE of this is the fault of your electrologist. She caused notohing “out of the ordinary.”

Dr. Chapple uses a variety of “fillers” for people wanting to plump-up wrinkles or have more facial volume here and there. There are many products in use today. These are injected into the skin; some are for a shallow injection (superficial wrinkles) and others for a deeper “fill” (for more volume).

From time to time, the added volume will create an unforeseen effect … maybe an added crease under or above the filler? Most of the time, as the swelling and material dissipates; the “newly created” crease goes away … but not always.

Maybe this is like your “swollen” post-electrolysis situation? Just trying to help!

Ive got brown marks around my eyebrows that of been there for years from bad zapping. Life goes on…
Hmm I see a tiny red dot and you say this issue "is killing you "?! Wow! That is scary! Perhaps you should look around your world at those trying to survive real life problems and see what is “really” a serious life issue!

Danika that is not helpful at all rather the opporsite I see where you are coming from but what maybe OK for some can be depressing and debilitating for others. I do agree that you don’t need 3 posts on the same subject though, I bet you are like me I have 1 thin dark hair on my chin and when ever I go to the bathroom I stick my face 2 inches away from my already micro mirror make myself feel like crap and continue what ever I came into do. Stop looking forget about it its really not as bad as you think honestly do your best each morning and night to put what ever cream on to help deminish the scar and if its a wrinkle and it upsets there are fillers ? there are solutions but its not the worse thing to have there honest my best advise don’t procrastinate life will pass you by while you worry about a mark, I do the same putting it away in your mind is the only way to get on with the day hugs

should have taken a picture with your mouth open smiling on both it could simply have always been there or a dimple its really hard to tell when the mouth is not in the same pose in both pictures sorry and don’t stress over it so much it will cause worse health conditions stress one of the biggest killers. The mark you are refering to is the exact same as the one 2cm to right of it and again I see the same marks further up your face these to me look like large pores but again could all be from treatment.

Sometimes i think we loose our perspective especially in this age of growing narcism .People in their early 20s are getting botox for god sake! .How will these people fare when age related issues REALLY start showing up, and there is NO STOPPING them ??! LOL

Obviously never had any acne! You should feel blessed to have such beautiful skin.
What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Yes, Danika and Ozzy … indeed.

I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest “cat” on this board (or is it bored?), I never know exactly. Tee hee

So, let me tell you “youngins” how it is: See, you worry like crazy about some wrinkle, or your “big ears” or a random pimple … and then suddenly, without notice, your ass falls off!

Yeah, It’s like that: the “aging process!” After awhile, it’s kind of fun. Especially watching your old friends with their new “missing parts!”

Hahaha! You mean like your boobs sagging so low, you could nurse a snake.

But is this real? I mean, It happens? do you know anyone who suffered something similar? (Folds due the swollen)

6 months or more of swollen sounds so weird to me, how is it posible that a swelling can last so much?

Honestly, I understand that coincidences are posible but with 29 years old, never having a wrinkle in my life, this one appeareing from the day to the night, right after an electrolysis sesion and next to a treated area, very near to “big” marks… I think is just too much coincidence.

The swelling theory really make a lot sense, it would explain it and I hope this is it but I’d love to read someone who supports this theory aswell. I’m not putting you in doubt, actually I apreciate your efford for helping, but I would really want to see more opiniones about this

It’s there everytime I smile but if I smile “hard” and after a couple of times, sometimes it starts to “disappear”, and sometimes, after smiling a lot, it’s hard to see. But I can even feel the wrinkle. Let me put a video of it:


Well, maybe you should read the post again because I never complained about the red dot. Actually it’s not there frome some months ago. I’m just talking about the wrinkle that appeared after the day I got the electrolysis wich caused the red mark (It’s a picture for comparision)

And yes, that is killing me. And I’m not sure who you are to tell me about looking around the world and trying to survive about real life problems when you have no idea about me and what I’m doing in my life, what affects me and what doesn’t.

Actually I did. From 16 to 19, a very unconfortable situation and one of the worst episodes I remember, I took roacutan and It disappeared for ever. It wasn’t exaggerated acne but I lived these 3 years with a big complex and nasty sensation in my face.

Thanks about the skin btw, but I think Its all but nice to be honest. Actually is more bad than good. (bad genetic)

AH-HA! Sooooooo! (Well something like that).

You say “this one appeared from one day to the [same] night right next to the treated area.” So there it is.

In no way, absolutely, did a “wrinkle” instantly form from any “damage from electrolysis!” Damage cannot happen instantaneously and certainly not the type of situation you’re describing. “No way José!”

However, what DOES suddenly take place after electrolysis? SWELLING OF TISSUE!

Thus, you have answered your own question. This TEMPORARY refolding of your skin “when you smile” is being caused by swelling … and YES … sorry … but this takes months to resolve. You don’t see the swelling, but it’s there.

Don’t believe me? Stick a wad of cotton in you cheek; then smile and watch what happens.

Oh, and you don’t have “big marks” either! Puleeeezzzzeee!

I sort of think we’ve “beat this issue to death” and would be surprised if anybody feels the urgent need to posit another opinion. Maybe Helen can throw in a sentence or two? Now, THAT will keep you busy, and take your mind off things!

Excellent video, by the way!

let me just say you are 29 years old I am 30 it was shortly after my 29th birthday that I noticed fine wrinkles appear, luckily that is all they are my husband is 49 and says I’ve a long time before I need worry about deep wrinkles. So if you are 29 and woke up one day to have wrinkle to me it is the age that they start its not the end of the work and we will get more as we get older. The fact that electrolysis was done in the area seems a coincidence to me, you are the perfect age to be getting your first wrinkle many of my friends all started coming at 29 that they’d noticed there first wrinkle fine lines side of eyes around mouth or on forehead everyone is different but the aging process is inevitable. You can’t look 20 for ever you’ll be going into the next decade soon. to be honest with you i think men in there 30’s and 40’s are at there prime so enjoy it and all the attention you’ll likely get from younger women.

If I lightly push, the wrinkle got filled and it’s just not there. Is it what you mean?

Thanks. Thank you for taking it seriously and trying to help me finding what could cause it instead of going ahead with the shitstorm of: There are more important things in the life, look around and forget it, etc.

Yes, that’s what I mean. And … well, no actually thank YOU … Spanish boy!

See, your problem stumped me. When I’m “stumped” I have to think about the issue a LOT. Sometimes (but not always) I can reason it out and come up with an idea or conclusion I had never thought about.

Vexing problems should not be summarily dismissed, because they are usually an opportunity. So far, I have never had a “life crisis” that didn’t make me a better, smarter person in the long run.

Now, when this issue comes up I will have an answer. I’m not sure if it’s the “right answer” … but I think so.

And, most importantly, this is going to go away for you. Not sure if I will “sign it in blood” this time … but I might! I’m 90% sure it’s going away. Nice teeth, by the way. I had to pay a lot for mine and they still look like “crap!”

Rosa mosqueta = rosehip oil, in case anyone was wondering.