virgin upper lip hair

I am considering upper lip hair removal, I have fine hair and not that much of it, but they are still visible to me. what results should I expect after my first session? would those hairs that were removed grow back?(even though it is virgin hair?)

approximately how many sessions(15mins) would be needed?

I want to know what the results would be with a skilled electrolygist…

p.s. would the hair ever grow back thicker?

After a full first clearance, with a good practitioner, you would expect to have a bare upper lip for 7 to 21 days before the next batch of hairs started becoming noticeable to the casual eye. The treated hairs would NOT come back at all, not thicker, or thinner. What you do need to understand is growth cycles, and the fact that while you may only have 5 to 10 hairs per square inch in that space, you have at least 1,000 follicles per square inch regardless of how many are currently growing hairs. If something starts recruiting follicles to grow hair in the future, it would have as many follicles to choose from as you currently have now, that are NOT growing hairs, and therefore won’t be treated with electrolysis.

for more info, check out this link

Thank you! I have another question… with the wrong practitioner, is it possible for thicker growth if the hairs are not properly treated(if possible)? I’m just really worried that it might become worse than it is…

I seriously doubt there is any instance where a follicle treated by a competent electrologist would sprout a thicker hair. If the follicle is not 100% killed, it’s possible for a finer hair to grow back in the same spot, but never a thicker one.

It won’t become worse.