Virgin hair removal

Hi there. I am an 18 year old girl with fine black hair on my face which I wish to get removed. I have never plucked/threaded/removed these hairs before so they are pretty fine, except for my chin, where the hair is coarser. I plan to get electrolysis done on my cheeks and chin.

My question is, approximately how long (hours wise) will it take to remove all the hair on my face? If I go for many long sessions can it be done in a couple months? I can post pictures if needed.

As every case is different, photographs would be necessary, to give some indication of the time needed. However it does depend ultimately on the skill and efficiency of the practitioner, that you end up having your treatment from. So there will still be many variables.

Since you are 18 and are noticing coarsening on your chin now, you may notice more coarsening over the years. Treating hairs now will prevent those treated hair follicles from allowing their hairs to become coarse, but most people cannot get this done within a couple of months. The main reason for this is that all hair-growing follicles are not active at any given time. Hair follicles can be at rest for many months, perhaps even years before “turning on.”

C O’Connell is very “right-on” with the fact that achieving your goal is dependent upon the skill and efficiency of the practitioner.

Thank you both so much for your replies! Here are some pictures of my cheeks to give an idea:

No amateurs for you. The combination of beautiful young skin, and fine shallow follicles, means you require a very professional, experienced practitioner. In my early years I would have been intimmidated by your needs, but not now. I recommend giving your location and allowing others to help you find and old pro !!

Would like to see a photo of those coarse chin hairs…

Ditto: C O’Connell

I live in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area. Please recommend if you know of any good practitioners in the area :slight_smile:

Please excuse my acne. Chin photos:

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