Vienna: Absolu Vienna Academy of Electrolysis & Skin

Absolu Vienna Clinic and School of Electrolysis & Skin<br>
Clinic and School Since 1973<br>
386 Maple Avenue East (Rt. 123)<br>
Suite #111 <br>
Vienna, VA 22180 <br>
(703) 938.1468 </p>
<p>website: <a href=“”></a></p>
<p>Hours: <br>
Open 7 days a week<br>
<p> Rates:<br>
Please call the clinic for current base prices and tuition rates.<br>

Description of Practice:
<p> VES, LLC was established in 1973. Our staff is composed of talented, experienced,
pleasant and speedy electrologists CPE, LC, and MT’s. At our base prices, you
will have the privilege of being worked on by an electrology teacher. With this
said, clients have told us that we are very fast. For example, if you normally
need 30 minutes of treatment, you may need just 15-20 minutes at VES, LLC, and
therefore we offer slots as low as 5 minutes. As a professional clinic, school,
and equipment supplier, we do GUARANTEE your permanent hair removal. <br>
<p>If you are serious about electrolysis then you are in luck. You have a handful
of options. To minimize cost, you have the option of requesting a student to
work on you so that you may enjoy ½ off treatment. If you’d rather receive
FREE electrolysis, then you can simply enroll in an Electrology course, therefore
receiving FREE electrolysis from your peers and ½ off professional treatment
by a teacher. As a student of VES, you will also receive ¾ off student
work and ¼ off professional services while in attendance for a course
for which you are not enrolled.<br>
<p>For current base prices of any services, please call us, or stop by to pick
up your brochure.</p>