Victims of laser induced growth

How do you deal with the emotional distress? No one in my life believes me, not even my own mother who is diligently attending her laser appointments every month for her facial hair.
My doctor and psychologist think I’m crazy for “believing in the lies that people post on the internet”.
I’m currently spending every dollar I earn on electrolysis. I feel completely alone and misunderstood :frowning:

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been through a similar experience or even just some advice would be much appreciated! I apologise if I’m overreacting or not making sense…

Some details and pictures about your case would be helpful.

Laser hair stimulation is real and the only remedy for this is skilled electrolysis care.

How many laser treatments has your mom had on her face? His her hair dark, dense and coarse?

What color is your facial hair? Is it coarse?

I don’t have any pictures to post right now but I may be able to take some later.

My mum has had about 20 treatments so far. Her hair is dark and course in some areas such as her chin and sideburns. It still grows back every month before treatment. My hair is very fine and dark. It was hardly noticable to begin with, now I’m left with more dark fine hairs on my jaw, cheeks and a few sparse ones on my chin and neck. I stopped laser after 5 treatments.

The lady I’m seeing for electrolysis said she deals with laser induced growth all the time. She has managed to clear my troublesome hairs within an hour each visit and I have had 3 treatments so far.

I’m going to defer to Dee Dee on this case, but everything sounds completely correct.

Three treatments are not enough to make an appropriate assessment … However, you seem to be on the right track. Best Wishes.

Thanks, Mike.

If twenty treatments have not brought permanent results for your mum, then 50 treatments wont either. The thermal energy from the laser is perhaps stunning the hair follicle enough to slow the growth, so this may go on forever for her.

Like Mike said, three electrolysis sessions is not enough. you are only in the beginning part of your journey. Stay in close communication with your electrologist and you will be fine, I’m sure.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I appreciate the feedback. Makes me wish I lived in America so I could come see you! Hehe

My mother won’t listen to me or read these posts, it really does break my heart. I’d love to become an electrologist so I could help her for free.

I’m lucky enough to have one skilled electrologist in my town. I have to travel quite far to see her but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. I’ll keep posting if people are interested in my progress :slight_smile:

One day you will look back and be really happy you started electrolysis when you did.
I spent 6 years having laser hair removal on my face, initially to remove my sideburns, but the area treated kept growing. My fine peach fuzz became dark. In my opinion, the laser stimulated hair. The most recent laser treatment was conducted by a respected dermatologist who laughed at me when I challenged the process, he said, “If I could grow hair with this machine, I’d be a millionaire”. A few sessions later he said it could stimulate growth but by changing the settings it would work out just fine. I didn’t return.
Desperate, I turned to electrolysis and after a few false starts met an excellent electrologist who turned my world around.
It took 18 months of regular appointments but eventually it was all gone. I still need a tidy up now and again for new hair (post pregnancy clear ups and one or two strays), but I know who to call now.
Hang in there, you’ll be at the finish line before you know it, yay! Good luck!

Thanks for sharing Lambo! Did you become an electrologist because of your experience? I want to study electrolysis once I’m happy with my results.