very old ingrown hairs! (over a year old)

I’ve got some very deep ingrown hairs on my tummy that I really hate. Some I can barely see the little dots of black hair and others I can see a long hair under my skin.

I’m pregnant right now, and my doctor wants me to wait, but do you think an electrologist could remove these ingrowns?

Or is that even possible?

I told my dermatologist about it, and she said that she could pick it out, but it would be expensive, and might leave a scar.

Someone please let me know what my options are to get rid of these. I really hate them!

Sometimes old ingrowing hairs can form what looks like a blackhead, and be easily pressed out gently, without causing any damage. I think getting the opinion of an electrologist in person would be a good idea, as every situation is different, and from what your Dermatologist said it sounds like the hairs are not very close to the surface.

I assure you that an electrolysis provider would be able to help you with this, and it will cost exponentially less than the doctor, and will most likely be less invasive, and much less damaging to your skin than what the doctor planned to do.

thank you :smiley: