Very Lost, Need Help (Please) Recommendations Also


I am writing because I am really lost about what to do. I started laser because my hair is so coarse and frustrating…

I started doing it, not knowing who to go to… went to a dermatologist I used to go to. They use the “Lightsheer Diode” and I did a patch test on my skin it was decided to use the setting of 23 even though I am so pale. Reason being because I am so paranoid of my skin scarring and having a horrible reaction. So I went for my lower legs. It was fine the first time… BUT THEN…

I ended up doing my stomach and my butt… TOTAL FIASCO. On my stomach, I ended up super itchy for like 5 days and had to put ice packs etc. I had these odd looking bumps that looked like they could scar thank god they went away… but in general, I was SUPER ITCHY and it looked REALLY weird on my stomach after. I do not understand what happened.

Then I did my lower legs for the second time and after that… super itchy again! Does anyone know if there is ANOTHER type of laser machine to use that does not cause this? Do you think I should continue, despite this weird reaction?

A few other questions:

Will laser hair removal remove those black “dots” that I have even when I do shave?

Does anyone know anyone really good in Los Angeles who does laser?

Thank you so much.

I’m not in any way an expert on laser, however, the itchyness and red dots sounds like it could be a histimine reaction. I am not certain that any other laser will help. They should subside but could lead to some hyperpigmentation. I’d avoid laser and try electrolysis. Also the black spots could be cooked hair, which will likely work themselves out of the skin and shed given enough time.


I’m assuming the 23 is for fluence which is on the weaker side. If you’re really pale you should be treated by an Alexandrite laser. I know a very good place but it’s down in Costa mesa and not los angeles. If you’re willing to drive, it’s well worth it