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This one looks very promising.
I wonder if its another scam


ProEstin-AB contains epilobium, an herbal medicine.

Some plants have medicinal properties, but many herbalists make claims about plant uses that have not been tested under scientific conditions. For instance, St. John’s wort was claimed to be an anti-depressant for centuries, but last year, a thorough medical test showed it was not helpful in treating serious depression.

In the case of ProEstin-AB, herbalists claim this product contains phytoestrogens from epilobium. These plants have been shown to have a mild antiandrogenic effect (they sometimes reduce levels of certain male type hormones that appear in both men and women).

Epilobium has been investigated clinically for use in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is worsened by the presence of 5-alpha reductase, a chemical that also influences hair growth. It has been shown in clinical studies to affect levels of 5-alpha reductase in some men.

Here’s where herbalists make their leap in logic. When they read a legitimate scientific study about an herb’s effects under controlled conditions, many assume (without proof) that it must work under other conditions. Rather than subjecting the product to testing for that specific use, they mix some up and claim (without proof) that it works for other purposes.

That’s what we have here. Some classic quackery. Here’s their logic:

  1. BPH is partially affected by 5-alpha reductase
  2. Some herbs improve BPH by reducing 5-alpha reductase
  3. Hair growth is partially affected by 5-alpha reductase

They take these three scientific facts and make an unscientific leap into quackery. They assume without rigorous testing that if a product inhibits BPH, it must also inhibit hair growth, since both are partially affected by 5-alpha reductase.

That’s the flaw in their logic, and where they become unscientific.

quaterman, in the future, could you please put the name of the product in the headline of your post? Right now there are half a dozen posts titled “very interesting” or “new HI,” etc. It makes it easer for others to find information quickly, compared to generic headlines that could be about anything.

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Sure Andrea, i will keep doing that from the next time, you can change the topic if you want.