very hairy legs

Okay, I don’t normally talk about this to anyone, except to my poor mum, who is a bit long suffering and a bit bored of hearing about my hairy leg problem, but here it is: I’m 32 and female (living in the South East of England)and I’ve got leg hair like a man. (hairier than some men actually, which is hugely embarrassing.) Its been quite coarse since puberty, and darker,not very dark, but kind of medium brown. Before that it was just fairly long and quite blonde. For years I used to wax, but last year decided I would finally give up on that because I regularly had such severe ingrown hairs it looked like I had acne on my legs, and it was starting to scar quite a bit. Plus, regrowth was sporadic and would grow back fast in some areas, and very slowly in others, so I always had some hair visible. Now I just shave them most days, but this is far from ideal, as I get quite harsh stubble. This is really affecting my life, and I’ve really had enough. My confidence in relationships is pretty poor, I havent had a boyfriend in three years. I am not at all masculine or unattractive in other ways, and I do get attention from men, I just can’t take it further myself, because I’m scared they’ll find me revolting.I’m considering the laser option at the moment, although the cost is pretty scary, especially if it does’nt work, and I’m on a low income so I’d either have to save for years, or take out a loan, any suggestions? P.S I think my skin type is Fitzpatrick III. Sorry about the long winded story!

Sounds like my life! I’m a female and I have (or had) very hairy legs like a man. It’s also ruined my social life. But a few months ago I started laser hair removal. I’m in college so I got a student loan to pay for it. So far I’ve had two treatments on my legs and I’m getting good results. I’m also a fitzpatrick 3 and I’ve been using a GentleLASE laser. Oh and I also got bad ingrowns from waxing and bad stubble from shaving. It was a nightmare. Hopefully laser will prevent that from ever happening again. I’m not expecting total clearance on my legs, but thinning and reduction would help! Good luck on what you want to do! Don’t let it ruin your life like I did with mine!

Thanks for the reply, its really encouraging that you’re getting good results from your laser treatment. Its seems a bit of a minefield finding a reputable clinic, I’ve been researching a bit on the net and its difficult to know who to trust. There seem to be so many different lasers with conflicting information on what types do and do not work. Its also hard to know whether some clinics just see ££( or $$) signs, especially large chain clinics with sales targets to maintain. Perhaps I’m just being too cynical, but I’ve been ripped off before, (the never shave again scam), So I know there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. Anyway, if anyone out there has more encouraging info about lasers I would be really grateful to hear anything.


My opinion although male, is go the electrolisis route. Slowly at first to save money and on the lower legs to start. Electrolysis is proven permanent hair removal so you won’t get ripped off. Lasor is less effective and could potentially cost you more. Try a local Mayo clinic if available. They do this best. My last quote for total legs and feet was approximatly R 6,500 or US$ 928 as an estimate.