VERY EMBARASSING- Need some help !!!

Hello everybody,
I am a 19 and female. At the moment I am trying to get rid of the hair on my legs with professional electrolysis.
Well, this is really embarassing, but there´s also fine hair on my feet !!! Does anybody think that´s nasty ?
It is really very , very fine but I feel so unfeminine because of it. I asked my electrologist whether I should get my hormones checked, but she said that was quite unnecessary.
I still think it is not normal. Can anybody give some advice ? The strange thing about this is that I look normal apart from that, I mean I don´t have any hair on my face, you know. I sometimes feel that would be More normal because I can see it on other women, but on the feet…
This is really bothering me…I would also like to know how you guys think about some hair on a woman´s feet ?

It isn’t that out of the ordinary for women to have hair on their feet and toes. I have talked to lots of girls that have their big toe waxed or feet sugared when they get their legs done. I understand your feeling like your the only one, but rest assure you are not alone. I was actually surprised at how many of my friends and family mentioned some hair on their feet and how they would love to get rid of it. They all have their own methods of removal but I believe electrolysis would be your only permanent option.
Take Care :smile: