Veet Bladeless Razor

Has anyone tried the new veet bladeless razor? Just wondering if it was the same as like regular creams like nair…if it works well or what not? thanks!!!

I am also interested in this product, however it is most likely very similar to Nair, but it would be good to know how this product compares to Nair both in how it performs/works, and how much it costs.

Used it - it works about the same as other depilatories I’ve tried (nair etc). The “bladeless razor” is basically a tool for removing the hair after the Veet has had a chance to work. Less mess than just wiping it off, but other than that, I’d not buy it again. I have dark coarse hair, light skin and while it removed most of the hair, it left a lot of stubble.

Actually, there is currently a petition up to remove veet products such as those because of the people who got second degree burns from it.

There is some interesting info in the content as well. It’s pretty scary.

I have tried the veet razorless hair remover or whatever it is called. It’s been the only depilatory cream I’ve used so I can’t compare it to others. EXCEPT one time I tried my cousin’s depilatory cream (which was meant for the face) for my upper lip and it completely burned the first layer of my skin off leaving a really embarrassing red mark and scabs for a week. I always thought that was my fault because I either left it on too long or it was because my skin was thinner because I was using a benzoyl peroxide cream for acne (the same thing happened when I attempted waxing too). After that I never had the guts to try another depilatory cream but I got excited and hooked when i saw a commercial for the veet razorless thing thinking it was different. I didn’t find that it burned me or anything like that but I found it to be just a big waist of time since it has the same results as shaving. It doesn’t get the hairs any deeper than the surface… I was thinking that depilatories would get the hairs deeper than shaving. It did remove all of the hairs but it took all together thirty minutes or more. Factor in cleaning the area, then applying the cream, waiting for ten minutes or so, and then “shaving” your legs as you would normally except without a blade. If you can deal with pain well, so far the best hair removal device I’ve found to be efficient is the Emjoi epilator. It’s expensive but it saves you money compared to waxing and the good part about it is it can remove hairs much shorter than the length hair needs to be for waxing. I am sadly extremely hairy so I have to leave ALOT of time to remove hair but the more I keep up with it and don’t wait for the hair to get very long it becomes less painful and less time consuming. This has been my first enjoyed summer in years thanks to that purchase! I got VERRRY excited when I saw ads for the “Epin” and “Finally Free” and was just tonight fantasizing about my life being hair free FOREVER though a little skeptical wondering why if it was soooo amazing was it not used then by ALL women and wondering about the fact you would have to use so many pads for it to be really effective BUT luckily I saw this site before purchasing them… though I am really dissapointed and hopeless yet again… there is still parts in me that want to believe in the products!! God it sucks being a hairy women!