Veet Bikini Kit

I’ve just begun using the Veet bikini kit and I have to say I am very happy with the results! I have very corse dark hair and lots of it in this area, combined with the fact that I have very sensitive skin. It seems that I either had the option of red bumps or hair and most of the time, both. UGH!

I found that the Veet Bikini Kit gave me the result of a close shave without the irritating irritation bumps! The bottle says for sensitive areas, leave the cream on for 2-3min. This must be a joke and was NOT effective! I left the cream on for 6-8 min as I have very corse hair, but do not leave on for 10 or more minutes or OUCH! Very bad chemical burn!

I divided the area in quadrants so that I could remove the cream in each area in under a minute (so as to avoid any chemical burns). I applied the cream thickly with my fingers and a mirror and washed my hands with a mild soap immediately after. I then left the cream on for about 7-8 minutes, then used a soft cloth wet with cool to cold water and GENTLY removed the cream using a circular motion. These instructions are NOT on the bottle, but I found this method to be most effective! It actually removed 98% of my hair and I just tweezed the few stray hairs that were left. The smell wasn’t even bad, either! It still left a bit of a shadow, as with shaving, but that’s to be expected. I’ve just never found anything that removed hair so well that DIDN’T IRRITATE me! I love it!

With the Veet bikini kit I can do it in an hour and go swimming that afternoon! It’s also great for those hard to reach places and comes with a “finishing” cream. I scrapped the spatula though, it was too hard to use to apply.

I have never found a product that worked so well for me. I have used Nair before, and it SUCKED! Shaving is a horror as I only get the hair-free look for half a day with the red bumps appearing even sooner! Waxing is way too painful and I found sugaring to be a better bet, but I found I needed a couple of days for the irritation to go down, as well as the process was very time consuming (I have had a professional wax, but I usually do the waxing/sugaring at home). Up until now I thought that maybe I would have to save up for electolysis (having dark hair and very pale skin, I’d be a canidate). I’m so happy I found a decent product, I will never, ever, use anything else!

I’d like to try it! same, light female/dark hair. Where do you buy this product?

I just used the Veet mousse with almond oil. So far, so good. I’m an Asian woman with thin hair, but I’m basically trying out depilatories because I get ingrown hairs A LOT. Anyway, I did something similar to the poster above. My legs are hairless right now. I just hope I don’t get more ingrowns. I exfoliate, I tried waxing, I tried shaving, I tried letting my hair grow for a good six months. Now, I’m on to Veet. If any of you have advice, PLEASE share. But as for now, I would recommend Veet all the way.