Vector Home Electrolysis

Hi, has anyone tried the Vector Home Electrolysis unit? I think it’s fairly new but looks to be getting good reviews on websites. I’m not sure I can trust them, though, and it’s pricey.
Thanks! :relaxed:

Vector is a total scam to avoid.

It should also be pointed out that the Vector folks are also scamming Ebayers under the laughable name of “medicalequipmentbroker” and that the positive feedback they have gotten is for delivering the “product” in a reasonable time. Ebay offers NO WAY to post, or complain that a product was useless or a scam AFTER you have left the feedback that they only give you up to 90 days to leave in the first place. The average Ebayer posts feedback when they get the item, not after they have used it for a month or three.

Furthermore, since Ebay gives no more than 90 days to post feedback, and they make a person fight them for 4 months to get a refund, MINUS a 25% “Restocking Fee” (Hmm, 25% of $400 = $100 for something you could build from parts bought at Radio Shack for $25) They can always say that they were in process of refunding the money if someone holds off feedback till the transaction is done, or the feedback time limit is about to expire.

Long and short, if you give these people your money, you will most likely loose all of it, and be disappointed. If you get any of your money back, it will be only 75% of what you gave them, because of their “Restocking Fee” that is NOT spelled out in their Ebay Ad.

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The perfect crime.

Here is the latest from our Hall Of Fame Scammer, Ebay ID, “Medicalequipmentbroker” is now offering for any and all suckers

Anti Androgen Hair Removal Spray! Just spritz on, and unwanted hair is a memory!

People are really falling for this?