Vector Electrolysis

Hi everybody!
I have a question: Did anybody used or heard about Vector Electrolysis. I am planning to purchase permanent hair removel devise for home use. I spent alot of time online, and specially on your Bulletin Board, which stopped me from purchasing from Global Electrolysis supply, and e-pen epilator, and I am very thankfull to all of you. But I didn see anyone talking about Vector Electrolysis, and they are registered with FDA.

I did use OneTouch before, and nearly broke my neck and twested my legs, doing bikini or back side of my legs. I am looking into something less time consuming now.

So, if anyone can please give me some feedback to help me to make my decision. I would really appreciate it!
Thanks and Happy holidays!

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The Vector is a fraud trust me i was gonna buy it too but then i found a page in the hair facts siete somewhere and it explained all don’t buy it they aren’t really registered by the FDA

Thank you for your reply !

The news you give me is not good, but I was very happy to have some!

So, what are my choices?
Seems like I am stuck with One Touch, or what?