Vector Electrolysis System

I’ve heard from a lot of people that this thing (a galvanic tweezer that uses your body as a power cell with an electrode patch and conductivity gel to produce sodium hydroxide under the skin that kills the hair follicles one at a time) works.

But, not well. The most important comments that came up were that it was hard to use and monotonous, and if it’s not used properly then the lye that it produces could scar the skin tissue and such. Has anyone here tried so they could give me further information? Specifically, what to avoid doing with it and where I could find it in stores, if at all?

Just FYI, I plan on using it for my chest and belly. Thanks.

Also, if this is actually bullshit, then what product should I use instead? Let me tell you my harrowing tale…

One evening, five or so years ago, I discovered small blonde hairs adorning my previously hairless skin. I still thought it was hairless, but save for this tiny, microscopic, impossible-to-notice fur that had seemingly sprung up all over my body. Most notably, my belly.

What was I to do? Still a child with a child’s reasoning, I gathered that the smartest thing to do was to shave it all off. Naturally, that would be the end of it, yes? These little hairs grew to a certain length and were through, correct? Hairs are dead, so how would they rightly know they’d been shaved off? So little did I know…

And it is five years later. Those fine yellow strands of my body’s pubescence have become sharp black trunks, reddening my skin with every shave. More and more inconvenient they make a daily routine, and more and more noticeable they become. Waxing is too embarrassing, shaving too painful. Tanning is a risky act, in itself bringing a pale white backdrop, making it all the more unsightly and depressing.

This is a curse I am not willing to live with any longer. I made a mistake half a decade ago and I have paid for it for far too long. It is time to reclaim my skin. Reclaim my pores. I should not be made to feel uneasy under my own hide any longer, much less by these archaic, keratin growths.

Won’t somebody please give me guidance? What is “One-Touch?”

All Vector products are only there to steal your money.

Shaving did not make the change.

Find a good electrologist in your area and get this taken care of.

And what of the One-Touch thing?

Use the search feature. There is plenty of info on the one touch here on the site.

Basically it is a cheaply made home use devise that can work, but is not the best thing one could use, and it is not durable at all. For what many people spend in replacing the ones they burn out, or break during use, or to upgrade the system they have, a used professional unit could have been purchased. At the very least one would be in the ball park of some used pro units.

Would it be a good idea to get a professional unit, then? Or should I really just go to an electrologist?

Sorry, I have looked up these things, but it feels more reassuring to have my questions answered personally.

Your best bet for results is a professional.

Those who worry about money can get some decent result with a lot of reading, and a hair removal buddy, and a used professional machine.

Of course, you have read that in other posts by now if you have read anything that came up on the search for home electrolysis information.

Of course, and I’ve gotten familiar with the do’s and don’ts and whatever, and tips on avoiding horrific scarring all over because of the procedure.

An electrolysis buddy, probably not possible at the moment, and since it’s only my chest and abdomen, it might not be necessary, either… I think. I mean, I only know what I read from other people’s experience. What I’ve heard:

•Inserting and retracting the probe with the unit on will burn the skin on the way in and out.
•The probe has to be all the way in, and apparently will snap before it pierces the base of the folicle… but then someone mentioned getting the broken probe stuck in the pore, and Jesus that’s disgusting.
•Thermolysis is not for beginners; if you screw up, the effects are instant and hard to correct.
•I still don’t know what “blend” is.

I’m looking at pricing a cheap (~$200), bare-bones, working, and more than likely second-hand electrolysis machine. Nothing fancy, just working. What’s the worst I’ll be stuck with, something a little slow? I don’t mind taking my time for this if it’ll keep from scarring, but I’m wondering if there are any other precautions I should take.

If you could tell me everything you know about home electrolysis in intimate detail, I would appreciate it.

If you could tell me everything you know about home electrolysis in intimate detail, I would appreciate it.

That sort of a demand will more likely result in a sarcastic response than an honest one. Read back trough the posts and threads and you’ll find all the information you need. James has been extraordinarily patient in explaining things over and over again, so it shouldn’t be hard to find his oft-repeated words of wisdom.

One last question that I haven’t seen answered: for an area this big, should I still only do one square inch per treatment, then wait 24 hours to do more? Or could I do a square inch here and there, then wait for it to heal before I continue?

You don’t want to overtreat any one area. You could of course do a few hairs all over your body. As a home user you might not want to do more than 5 to 10 hairs in any one square inch.

I was going to ask the same question about the Vector Electrolysis System… I have been going to a professional for a couple months now… and it is just too far and it really adds up. I was interested in this system because of the tweezer method, I just figured it would be much easier and less chance to damage any skin considering I know nothing about actually performing electrology… does the tweezer method itself suck, or just this brand? If it is just that brand… would anyone know of any other tweezer brand to reccommend? I appreciate any help, thanks!

Anything that does not insert a metal probe into the follicle and discharge electricity or heat directly to the base of the papilla is a fraud. Use the search feature on the word Scam, and/or go to our sister site and see all the frauds listed there. If you want to do this at home, you will need a hair removal buddy, and a professional unit, along with some books to teach the two of you how to do this good enough to minimize skin damage, and maybe be half as good at insertions as a pro.

Thanks for all the info…