Vector brand on Ebay

I’ve seen this electrolysis machine called “Vector” glutting the electrolysis equipment postings on Ebay. Has anyone heard of it or have any experience with it? I’m assuming it’s a rip-off because it doesn’t use needles, only “electrode patches.” It’s selling for $199 a pop.

Also, if anyone has any tips on picking up a second-hand machine, I’d love to hear them!

Vector is a scam, if you want to find a real electrolysis machine, use the search feature to find the post string called, I think, “Legitimate Electrolysis Machines On EBay” and that will give you the names of some good machines, and what they went for when they were auctioned off.

I don’t know that this string is still being maintained, but it is at least a good guide to some of the real equipment available, and if you don’t see it listed on that string, don’t buy it without word otherwise here.