I started electrolysis on my upper lip and chin in December, with the (foolishly?) optimistic hope that the worst would be over by the time it got warm. Now I see that this is going to take more time.
I live in a large, busy apartment building, and when it is cold, I can sneak up to my apartment with a scarf around my face to hide the bright red Fred Flinstone mask. I am worried about what will happen when it is too warm to have a scarf on. Does anyone know of any sort of cover up that can be applied right after treatment without causing infection or other problems?

I have heard of products like “Derma-Blend™” that purport to be “medicated cover-ups”, however, I can not stress enough that what your skin needs most is healing time after electrolysis. You should put nothing but after care products on your skin for 72 hours at best, 24 hours at least.

Perhaps you should make sure that you get more sample treatments and consultations in your area, and, or prioritize more treatment before the warm weather sets in. I personally have not had a client that I could not get to looking finished in six weeks or less, while we secretly continued work in a way that no one would notice thereafter.

Thanks, James. Do you have recommendations in the NYC/Northern NJ area?


Did you try dermiceptic lotion? It’s looks like makeup base and it comes in 3 tones to match your skin. It’s made for after-treatment use and it keeps the area dry and protected. You can also use it as a base for any makeup. Whoever uses it usually likes it.

About your skin reaction:
My wife is my only client that I see in the hours after treatment, and her skin looks back to normal within 30-60 min. She has very sensitive skin (coupled with her age), but most of the time she sleeps though the process.

It’s always a good advice to try out as many electrologists as you can.

You can try me out, if Brooklyn is within your traveling range. Office phone: (718)376-6969 (leave message if no answer), or email me at I offer a free trial treatment at no obligation.
Or, if I remember correctly, someone once mentioned a name in Manhattan. Maybe you could find it by searching this forum.

Good luck and keep us posted.

I would say that you should try out “YB” if he is in your area. I don’t know if he wants me to say his name here, so I won’t.

Fino Gior is in Great Neck NY as well.

I know of a few other people in that area, but I must admitt that Fino is the only person in that area that I have had actually work on me. Everyone else, I know only personally as a friend and from reputation and/or can only vouch for their character.

Thanks everyone! I will try to make an appointment with YB when I get back from a few weeks of traveling. Do you know where I can buy the Dermaceptic lotion? I couldn’t find it on Internet anywhere.

You can get dermiceptic lotion from electrologists. It’s not in the pharmacies, and I don’t know any other use for it, other than application after electrolysis treatments.