Vanisha (WARNING!)

An alert reader sent me a note about a new topical called Vanisha manufactured by a company called FutureCeuticals:

They’ve chosen a name similar to Vaniqa, the prescription topical, but there’s not proof it can work as claimed.

They use lots of fancy-sounding scientific names like “Complexed PhytoBoron Calcium FructoBorate (CFB).” They claim it’s patented, but a patent does not mean a product has been tested under clinical conditions to back their claims. I’d skip this one until there’s some proof!

There was a topic on this forum on the prescription topical Vaniqa. It only works for women and in the topic Andrea explained why. I can’t find it back (or am I just too lazy?).

Another question: are there any medical hair inhibitors, beside Vaniqa?

Hey Monique-- here’s the Vaniqa forum:

Prescription topical (Vaniqa)

Vaniqa is the only topical with published clinical data indicating it can work. All of the supposed hair inhibitors sold on TV and the internet has not been subjected to proper scientific evaluations, and are quite likely quack products.

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