Vaniqua in UK

My doctor insisted on info acquired from this website before supplying a presription. The pharmacist had to order it through the ‘special’ list. It cost £63 buy I paid the usual charge of £6.20.
Question on use…how soon after (or before) electrolysis?

I believe it’s all spelled out in the prescribing information, but you use it regularly while undergoing your regular hair removal method. It should not be used on broken or inflamed skin, so you’d need to wait till your skin had recivered from electrolysis )which varies from person to person).

Hi hair stop,

I too am in the UK and my doctor couldn’t find Vaniqua on his precription list. He said he is happ to presribe to me if we can find it. He asked me to ask you if you did it as a ‘trial’ drug or was it presribed straight off your doctor’s list? The chemist had to order off the ‘special list’ but how did your doctor go about getting the presciption for you? Thank you - any information would be so apprecitated!!!

Vaniqa is a “brand” name and it may be different in UK. The generic name is used most often by professionals as this uniform all over the world.

The companies selling it have QUIT marketing it with any enthusiasm. The product FAILED after the initial flurry of interes. Cost is probably the biggest reason for this.

i use it twice a day, and i have been for just under 7 weeks, i now only need to shave once every 3 days, and its slowing down the groth, but it does take time i guess, it did say you’ll see results after 2 months, i justed asked my Dr for it because i have a damaged nerve in my face, so it makes shaving feel like every single hair is dragged out slowly. my gp had no problem finding it on his list

Just a little more info on Vaniqua for you all.

Barbara Kieffer of Topeka Kansas writes:

Some individuals have an enzyme in their skin that is like a magnet to their normal circulating hormones. These individuals will grow hair in these areas. The areas seem to follow the pattern of the Ferriman and Gallwey hirsutism rating scale. The individuals with this enzyme will have coarsening of hair with the irritation of waxing. Individuals without this enzyme will see less hair with waxing. The people with this enzyme are the people who will see a product like Vaniqa work - IF they use it consistently, however, they can spend the same money on electrology treatments and REALLY get rid of the hair.

It would also seem that other people with excess hair growth have it for other reasons - not necessarily related to the enzyme. So again, we are faced with mysterious reasons for hair growth.

your doctor will find it in his meds book under the name Eflornithine i think.

i know when i went to ask for it,it wasnt listed under Vaniqa but we found it under the above name instead.

when you pick it up at the chemist you will see the brand name Vaniqa with the word Eflornithine underneath it.

ive been using it religiously for months , am about to begin electrolysis instead.

struck me as a temporary stop gap at best whilst you source a good electrolygist or save for Laser treatment perhaps.

if you do opt for it would recommend daily facial scrub and the best astringent for oily skin you can find,plus anti bacterial / medicated soap such as dettol maybe,.

it produces a lot of oil and makes your skin noticeably more greasey.