Vaniqa user survey

I received the following request from a market research firm. I have no connection with this company. I am presenting this for informational purposes only for those who would like to participate.

A healthcare marketing research firm is seeking VANIQA users to complete a short survey on the Web. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and for your participation you will receive a check for $20. This information will be compiled in aggregate form (no personally identifiable information) and used to help the marketers of VANIQA better understand their customers’ experience with the product.

If you are interested, please contact John Archer at Kendall Gay Consulting via phone or email:
1-800-861-7261 x605 <>

John will go over some screening questions with you to ensure you qualify and send you a link to the survey via email. Upon completion we will send the $20 honoraria check in appreciation for your time. There will be NO attempt to sell ANYTHING as a result of our contact with you – we are simply gathering opinions and feedback.