Vaniqa - Hair thinner?

Hi id just like to know whether vaniqa just slows the growth of hairs down and the corseness of the hair remains or does it slow the growth down as well as make the hair thinner?

I think it only slows the growth of hair

The intended action of Vaniqa is to REDUCE THE GROWTH of unwanted FACIAL HAIR on WOMEN. It works on GROWING hair to block an enzyme that enables the hair to grow.It does not make the hair thinner, but rather discourages the hair you have from growing so you have less hair appearing at the surface. Using Vaniqa complements your current method of hair removal. So, if you are shaving or bleaching, you will have less hair to shave or bleach.

It takes 8 weeks to click in. If you don’t see improvement by six months, then tell your doctor.