Has anybody used vaniqa for peach fuzz on face, does it reduce the length of the fine hairs? i tried it for about 3 months and it seemed to be working, i dont remove the hairs so it would take longer to get results but i deceided to stop because i had increased acne in the area i was treating(chin). But now i am wondering if i should try again, and see if the acne improves with time, anybody have any vaniqa advise.




Vaniqa only reduces the rate of growth, meaning hairs grow slower. I’ve not seen any data showing that it shortens the growth phase or makes hair shorter. For the 60% of women who saw some improvement, Vaniqa allowed them to perform hair removal less often. Many women do not see improvement from Vaniqa (which takes 8 weeks of continuous use to tell for sure).


I’ve been using Vaniqa for a couple of months and I LOVE it! It has dramatically slowed the rate of hair growth for me. I am using it on my upper lip and all I have to do now is tweeze a couple of dark hairs once a week or so. Luckily, I haven’t had a problem with acne in the area being treated. I leave the short, blond peach fuzz alone though, because I feel that it looks more “natural” to have it there instead of being totally hairless…I also have problems with ingrown hairs, so I try to avoid plucking as much as possible.

When I was first thinking about using it, I thought it was going to be somewhat cost-prohibitive, but I have to use so little of the cream that I think this one tube might last me several months. Yea!!! :grin:


Wow, that is super-cool, dragonfly! :relaxed:

It’s defintitely one of those things that might be worth a shot for some women. For those considering it, remeber that you have to commit to it for at least a couple of months to see if it even works or not. If you’ve got the money to see if it works, I’d recommend asking your doctor for more information.