Hi, I’m getting a laser treatment on my chin August 7 and will be going to the mediterranean 2 weeks later.

Is this going to have serious implications on my skin pigment? I am being treated with a Diode laser, have fair skin, and very coarse dark hair.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation?

[ps. thanks to the admin for such a great, informative site!]

You should be fine by then, but I would definitely use a sunblock on the area starting right after your treatment and through your vacation. I’ve been to the Mediterranean in the summer and the sun bears down on you like you wouldn’t believe. Keep that chin covered, OK, and have fun!

Be sure to let us know how things go with your treatments when you get back!

I just bought a sunblock - 30 SPF. What I’m wondering about is the first signs of pigmentation change. I won’t allow my chin to be exposed to the sun until two weeks after my treatment (fyi: they’re using a diode).

What I’m wondering about is what the pigmentation change will look like - so when it starts I know to get out of the sun FAST! Should I look for spots? blotches?

Does anyone know why this happens? If it does, will it go away? Thanks for all your help! : )

The damage will appear the next day usually. It doesn’t happen as you’re looking at it. What happens is lasers cause pigment makers in the skin (melanocytes) to be on alert. If the sense radiation soon after laser, they sometimes go into overdrive and produce extra pigment to protect the skin.

Avoid sun on the treated area for a couple of weeks before and after. That reduces the chance that your skin will produce unusual amounts of pigment.