Using sterex sx-g

Hi, I’m useing sterex sx-g for body hair removal(bikini line). I wanted to know, am I doing something wrong? I cant hold the electrode in my hand, because I need both of my hands, so I placed the electrode under my knee, but I got blisters from the electrode. I used intensity 40, is it too much? Or should I place the electrode somewhere else? I don’t have any skin damage in places I removed hair and the hair comes out easily. Thank You for Your help!

Are you a professional or do it yourselfer?

Hydrochloric acid is what most likely caused the blistering under your knee.

Thank You for Your reply! I am do it yourselfer. What can I do to avoid this blistering?

The indifferent electrode should be covered and dampened with a conductivity product. You are using medical grade equipment on yourself without training.
Take an electrology course. If this is not possible, start by reading some of the text books.

Most blend/galvanic epilators are equipped with a very small metal electrode. Unplug the metal electrode and attach a sheet of aluminum foil to the indifferent electrode wire so hydrochloric acid buildup is disbursed over a larger area. This should save you from chemical burns.

On a side note, if you are using a sponge to cover the electrode and are still having these problems you might have a skin condition. My eczema will flair up wherever the electrode has come into contact with.

Again, the problem is the buildup of hydrochloric acid. A bare electrode would also have a tendency to excite some conditions due to the reaction from the nickel content of the stainless steel. (I would avoid aluminum for the this same reason. Best to cover it with a sponge soaked in salty water, a disposable moist towelette, or a simply wet terry cloth or utilize a conductive gel.