Using laser hair removal for thinning out hair

I have hair on my check and back that is thicker than I’d like it to be. I’d like for the hair to be not as dense. I’m not so concerned about removing all the hair–I just want there to be not as much.

Would the laser work for that? Like what if I just went in for one session? Does the hair fall out evenly or would it end up being patchy?

It will thin out your hair thats why its called reduction not removal. As to what you can guarantee will fall out is not realistic. Some have been left with patches, as I did. Don’t go to a “spa” or “laser clinic” if its the route you chose. My hair is definitely thinned but much of it has grown back and my last treatment was in November. That was with a Nd:Yag laser though and they reportedly see hairs growing back within 3-5 months with it.