Using hair inhibitor with waxing -- a question

I have read part of the site and understand that there is no permenent removal of hair with usage of an inhibitor (the one I was thinking of buying was Kaloo).

However, I am not interested in getting rid of my hair entirely but by reducing the coarseness of it and making it more, I guess “fuzzy” if you get what I mean (like peach fuzz - forgot the technical name for it).

I understand waxing overtime makes hairs finer and gradually, sometimes, hair does not grow back at all but would use of an inhibitor reduce hair?

I have read a few cases in which it did.

Like I said, not interested in getting rid of hair completely just reducing its unsightliness.

Any help much appreciated!

As far as I know, hair inhibitors are a waste of money.


Also, there’s no guarantee that waxing will do this. It does seem to happen for some people, but most of what I hear of isn’t all the hair going away, it’s someone with a bald spot on their left calf because they’ve been waxing for several years. :smile:

Kalo is a big waste of money. Even if it works for a very few people, you’re then gambling $40 a bottle on it–and that’s a lot of money. You’d probably get better results going to the grocery and buying soy milk and trying that–and it’d be a far cheaper gamble, if it doesn’t work.