Using hair dye to see which hairs are in anagen and treating only those?

Hey guys. So long story of how I thought of this: I am a pale woman with dark hair and I was trying out bleaching my forearm. It worked great, but already 2-3 days later some dark hairs started sprouting out and ruined the whole vibe. They were very obvious, at least on me. There weren’t very many of em.

Now it’s been ~2? weeks since the bleaching and I just thought of this and took these photos. Now that the dark roots are longer they aren’t so obvious against all the other hairs anymore, well, they are more obvious irl but that’s a bit hard to get on camera so I highlighted the anagen hairs in 1 pic. Just trust me they are much more obvious irl lol.

Anyway, if I for example wanted my arm ‘electrolysed’ and the electrologist did only the hairs with dark roots, that would mean less time and energy wasted, less pain, less irritation, less risk of infection etc etc. Well, less money paid by me too :sweat_smile: but maybe you guys can start charging per body part done or something like that.

What do you think?

Hm okay I just read on this forum that apparently it’s a myth that you need anagen to kill hair… Well it is plastered all over the internet, however. Sigh, I guess I just wish electrolysis didn’t take so very long to complete.

Oh…yeah…and you could get the same effect by shaving a few days before your treatment… Oops

Just because something is “plastered all over the internet” does not mean it is true.


Charging by area will never happen. It is not feasible due to differences in hair density from one client to another.

Hey, just saw it even on
“Pluck or wax all the hairs in the area to be treated before you start, and then treat hairs as they come back. Hairs are killed more easily when they are growing.”

If it’s a myth, what is the logic behind it? And why is it actually not true?

OMG I found Bono’s YT channel and website. I am in electrolysis heaven

Take the time to read one of our electrology texts or take the time to watch this long video. You are not going to get a perfect answer in a few sentences on a blog.


Dude I JUST found your YT channel and posted a comment about it (check my comment on this thread above). Your materials are AMAZING. THANK YOU.

And also I just saw all your body hair removal videos I could find and turns out electrolysis doesn’t take very long at all! I don’t know why everone here keeps saying it will take 18 months of weekly treatments! After only 2 clearances most of the hair is GONE. I’m just really excited rn LOL.

Gonna devour all materials and lectures on your site in the next few days.

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Well here’s the trick with making it nearly gone in 2-3 sessions. You space the appointments 3-5 months apart. You also treat all the hair ( anagen catagen and telogen) and completely clear the area in each session . Finally, you dont touch the hair, dont shave, wax trim, pluck or do anything else. We want all the hairs possible in situ in the hair follicle and available for treatment. Finally your electrologist has to be skilled enough and thorough enough to go after each, hair , “Like it is the most important hair of their career”.

I see. Thank you for replying :slight_smile: