Using Friction on bikini and chest?

I’m not in the position right now to spend money each month getting a full-body waxing, so I’m looking for a safe and easy procedure that I can perform at home. I’m getting my buns waxed each month, but the rest of my body would be just too expensive at the moment. I’m a young male, with pretty normal body hair, which I’d like to keep more or less away, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this safely with friction pads. The idea would be to first have all of the hair professionally waxed away, and then treated with friction pads about once a week. My legs and arms would seem to be alright for this, from what I’ve heard, but I’m concerned primarily with my chest and bikini area, which are areas that people say are too sensitive for these pads. Is there anything I can do to minimize potential damage to the skin in these areas? A shower before hand? moisturizing of some sort? I’m prepared to take care of my skin any way necessary. I just don’t know enough about these pads. Any help would be great.

I should probably add that if there is an alternate solution that I haven’t thought of for removing the hair from my chest and bikini area, I’d welcome it. I used a remington epilator for a time on these areas (If I go back, I think I’ll switch to a braun eversoft), and the results weren’t bad, although I did have trouble with red bumps and ingrowns around the bikini area. But whatever might work, I’d love to hear it. I just want to get a good hair removal system worked out that will keep my body relatively hair free while I’m still a student on a budget. Sorry for all the detail, but I’m just a keener :smile:

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I’ve been thinking about it some more, and I’m realizing that if necessary I could get by alright with just thinning out the hair on my upper legs and around the bikini area and lower chest. Again, I would like to use friction pads to do this, so, again, I’m wondering what I can do to help my skin survive. :smile:

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Yes, chest and bikini area may get very irritated from the mitts. Err on the side of caution if you try it, and only do it after you get the hang of it on arms and legs. Go easy the first time with the pressure.

I’ve been giving it some more thought, and I’m considering just budgeting my money in such a way that I can afford to get my body (legs, chest, buns: about $80 here in Canada) waxed every 4 weeks, or as often as needed, and my arms about every 8 weeks. Waxing seems to be the safest way to remove hair from my body (it lasts a little longer than just rubbing away the surface hair too), and it really decreases the chances of ingrowns and other irration. My chest and bikini area seem to be the most prone areas to this problem, so I think I’ll get some Tendskin to help with those areas. I’m loving all the information I can find on this site. Thanks Andrea! :smile:

Take a close look at the FRICTION pads. They are just fine EMORY CLOTH. They may be useful for fine hair but patients think they can use them on all areas and all types of hair (fine to coarse). The tendancy is to overdo it and the skin can be damaged. The skin will ooze with lymph and this clots to a scab the color of honey (it is blood without the red color). The pads are for very fine hair. If you use them on coarse hair like the bikini line you will have to really “sand the hair down” (it is really a form of sand paper).


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