Using epilator for a long-term goal of thinner body hair?

I’m a guy and I have hair on my chest and back that is thicker than I’d like it to be. I’m looking for ways to thin the hair. I’m not so concerned about permanently removing all the hair in that area–rather I want to permanently thin the hair out. Would using an epilator be good for that?

I’ve heard that after repeatedly pulling the hair out, it will grow back finer. Is that true in the long term? Like, If you epilated for a year and then stopped, what would the hair be like as it grew back? Thinner, the same, or denser than before?

I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m growing my hair out now after long use of an epilator and here’s what I’ve noticed; I think after some time like a year or two of epilating, that you do get a slight permanent reduction. But look at what you go through to get it. If you’re a guy, you’re going to be epilating at least an hour every week -for a year. And, you will have little or no hair during this time, not what you desire of just having it thinned out. By reading what you’ve posted, electrolysis is going to give you by far more desireable results. With electrolysis, they can selectively go after the bigger, coarser hairs and leave in the fine, soft, downy ones. You’re going to see faster, more predictable, more targeted results -without the hassle of dealing with ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are a factor all non-permanent removal methods. I wouldn’t go this route, not for what you want. Do it right, do it sure-fire, look into electrolysis.