Used the same fluence as before, but this time a got burned - ???

I underwent a full upper body IPL treatment the 22/2 at the fluence 21 which was used the last time I had IPL treatment. This last IPL treatment though was just ten days after full body laser hair removal at another clinic that left me patchy all over and I got blisters on my legs and but which have left white scars/marks (I have brown skin), also they were very strange when I called them and they said that some hairs just don’t respond.
So I went to IPL after only ten days to fix it. But this time IPL at 21 gave me burns, not with blisters, but more like “clouds” of brown crusts, some faint and some dark…is this becuase I had had LHR just ten days before or can your skin take a fluence one time and the next time get burns from the same fluence?
I meen, it seems strange that LHR could have been the reason, but it also seems strange that fluence at 21 can work fine one time and the next time give you bruns.

Has anybody had these flat crust burns? Do they leave marks?

I think it was a mistake for you to go from laser to IPL so soon. You were really damaging your skin by doing that. …But I got to admit that I kind of experienced the brown dry flaky skin on the left butt cheek and a few spots on my upper thighs. Orginally, it was red blotchiness that turn into the light brown flaky dryness. It felt like a got a really light sunburn and instead of just peeling, my skin became super dry and flaky. Most of the light brown flaky skin has cleared up on my left butt cheek. (I had laser hair removal for the first time on my butt 16 days ago, and I’ve never had IPL.)

Thankyou for the reply OhGodWhyMe.
My burnt spots aren’t realy light. I meen, it is obviouse that it’s burn marks and they are clearly darker than my skin (I have brown skin) but not as dark, or almost black, as the marks from the laser on my legs. But they are dry and flaky, or crusty.

I do think that laser and IPL so near eachother did make my skin sensitive, but I still think it’s strange I got these crusts with the fluence 21 - I meen my, skin wasn’t darker than before.

The crusty burns probably had a lot to do with the 2 treatments being so close together. With your skin being darker you already are risky with this procedure. The IPL seems to be less effective with hair reduction long term than the laser. Find a laser that is effective on all skin types. The LightSheer Diode has settings for all skin types with a chill tip to help cool your skin.

The superficial burns should heal.

Be sure to wear sunblock so that those spots do not Hyperpigment(darken)from sun exposure.

You will need to use sunblock all the time to maximize your Laser hair reduction results and minimize risks.

Did they give you pre and post treatment instructions and did you recieve and sign a consent form? Those forms should detail what to do and not to do regarding sun exposure, sun block, medications as well as discuss the possible risks.

I wish you the best of luck!

Sunblock?! hmmm

De borde ha väntat med att behandla dig i minst en månad efter laser behandlingen. Tänk även på att det är viktigt att vänta tills nästan allt hår har växt ut innan de genomgår nästa behandling. På så sätt får du ut mycket mer från varje behandling. Jag brukar vänta mellan 9-12 veckor mellan behandlingarna.

Jo, om du har problem med inåtväxta hårstrån så kan du prova med en kroppspeeling, eller om du känner någon marrockan så kan du fråga efter deras marrockanska peelings handske som de använder när de badar (jag har själv fått en sådan, och det hjälper väldigt mycket), annars kan du besöka body shop och köpa en scrubbhandske därifrån.