Used Electrolysis Machines in 🇨🇦?

I’m a putting the horse a bit ahead of the cart here. I’ll be taking my electrolygist training soon (been getting it myself, by professionals, for 2 years now) - and will be looking for a used machine.

I’ve only got about 10 years of work life ahead of me, and can’t justify and $15K set up for an office, so will be opening my practice up in my home (yes, with gov tax #, insurance, etc).

Any tips out there on where I can find used machines, that are recognized in the industry (and work).

Thanks in advance!

I’m going to suggest you look into a NEW Instantron spectrum elite. It’s a VERY capable epilator, and at $3049 USD it’s at least half the price of the cheapest current dectro machine.

That’s almost $4K :canada:, plus shipping & duty. I’ll keep in mind, tho.

I paid $1100 for a lightly used ST250 just like this. It is the most commonly used machine in pro studios in my area and works great.

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