Use depilatorie cream instead of shaving before IPL/laser treatment?

I wonder if one can use depilatorie cream instead of shaving before undergoing IPL or laser treatment. My skinn reacts very badly when I shave but not when I use depilatorie cream, that’s why I would prefer to use the cream.

One of the sites I was looking at (don’t remember URL) said it was OK to use a depilatory before laser, but I am skeptical about that. Did you ask the clinic where you are being treated about that?

You may want to try shaving yourself before treatment. Use a good shaving gel like Aveeno Positively Smooth and lots of hot water. And most important of all, use a good blade like the M3 Power or Venus Vibrance. IMHO, the produce much less irritation than any other blade out there while still giving a very close shave.

Also shaving more often will cause less irritation in the long run as your skin adapts to it. This may take a few weeks but it is well worth it, especially if it improves the results of laser/IPL treatment.


I asked the clinic I’m getting treatment at and one of the women working there said that one must shave before treatment and not use depiltatory cream.
She didn’t say why and I realy can’t see why one couldn’t use depilatory cream instead of shaving - both methods remove the hair that’s above the surface. Does anyone know anything about this?

depilatory creams are chemicals that irrritate the skin. that’s one of the reasons i wouldn’t do it. since you’re already subjecting your skin to laser, you don’t want the skin to be irritated.