USA Electrolysis Schools

Hi everyone,

Im very keen to become a professional electrologist. Not just for diy purposes. Ive sat on this for years and the desire hasnt gone away. Im now just older and greyer!

I would be a complete beginner (in New Zealand) with no experience other then being a patient myself. Im wondering whether to book in for an online course and then head over to do the practical side of it. Is it going to be enough though? Can you really learn enough doing it this way to consider setting up in business? It seems just too basic and short to me and I dont want to waste my time/money and be away from my family if its just not really possible. I would try and sit in on some other electrologists on my return or possibly work for one of them for a bit to gather more experience as well.

If I go ahead, at this stage Im thinking the Dectro school. I would buy one of their machines while I was over there.

For the professionals already … what do you think? 5 weeks practical learning? Is it possible at all to do a good job with this little learning? I like to do things properly and I keep thinking that I wouldnt like to go to someone myself that only had been doing it for five weeks. Hmmm.

Thanks in advance

Is 5 weeks enough learning? Yes and no.

I did my course in 3 weeks and I felt like I wasn’t really going to learn anything more at school whether I stayed another 2 weeks or another 6 months.

It wasn’t until I was out on my own practicing before I really started to learn what I needed to know. A large portion of that came from what I learned from the people that participate here (many of whom I’ve talked to privately as well).

School was actually hindering me from becoming a better electrologist by not letting me use effective settings, setting low expectations for results, etc. We didn’t do any consults or anything at the school I went to either.

I just hired someone and paid for her to go to school… and before she left, I told her that she would have to unlearn half of what she learned there. The advantage she has, is I know exactly what she needs to unlearn and can show her how to do things the right way now instead of having to spend the first year learning it on my own.

Even then, good electrologists will continue to learn from each other for the rest of their careers.

Aside from the electrolysis itself, there are also the skills and knowledge that are required to start, grow and run a business.


I finished the Dectro school in Montreal 2 years ago.
You can PM me. I will try to answer to all your questions you have.

Hi Fairygirl. In your post, you mention the Dectro school. Their curriculum is great, you have good machines to work with and good instructors.

Thank you for the replies.

A beauty school five hours drive away from me in NZ has now said I can attend there to obtain my electrologist diploma (once a week for the practicals) without doing the beauty therapy side of the course, while completing the necessary study from home. It is a 20 week course. This is appealing in that Im not leaving the family for five weeks overseas but the downside is that they dont work on Apilus which is the machine that I was kind of hoping to start out with. Is it a case of “if you can use one machine, you can use another”?.

Also can anyone suggest some great books for an absolute beginner to start reading up on beforehand?

Many thanks!


Check your e-mail.

At AIE in Tustin CA USA we use “Electrolysis Thermolysis and the Blend: The Principles and Practice of Permanent Hair Removal” by Arthur Ralph Hinkel, originally published in 1968 but still relevant as the basic theory has not changed.

Our other book is “Electrolysis Exam Review” by John Fantz.

I really enjoyed my schooling at Cameo College here in Salt Lake City, Utah. And at the end i bought an Instantron. Its a 6 month program though

How many hours?