I need that ANYBODY tell me how I can to remove the hair of my lip…


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I know that Andrea, the moderator of this wonderful board, reads the messages almost daily (well very frequently, anyway). And from her earlier posts, I know she has gone thru facial hair removal, so I’m sure she can help you with some information you see. You may have to give her additional information, I’m not sure. Such things as age, skin color (light or dark), hair color, and so on. Different methods work better on some kinds of conditions than on others.

As a guy, hair there hasn’t bothered me, but I can understand why it would be bothersome for a woman.

This is truly a wonderful web site and I’m sure it is helping hundres of us who have hair in places we wish it weren’t.

So give it a day or so. And then check back here. I’m sure she will be answering you.


Sorry about the slow reply. I had to go to a funeral this weekend.

Jaime, upper lip hair is most often shaved. Epilating usually hurts quite a bit, but it can last longer. If you want it gone for good, there’s home electrolysis or professional, and if tyou have liught skin and dark hair, you may be able to reduce the amount with laser or flash lamp.

I go to an electrologist, and it really helped me a lot! I’ve done about 7 sessions I believe, and I have almost no unwanted upper-lip hair. The best thing is I can just make an appointment the second it starts to bother me, and it will be taken care of within the week. Before that I tried all kinds of methods like shaving, nair, and waxing, but all turned out as disasters for me. good luck with that! :smile:

Its true, a good electrologist can clear out that upper lip in less than a calendar month, and if you keep to the schedule, you will never see another hair at the end of that month! in 9 to 18 months, you will not even have reason to see your electrologist again unless you move on to other areas for hair removal. That is, unless you have some current or future situation that causes your body to grow new hairs. Go to www.hairfacts.com to find out about the many things that can cause non hair follicles to start growth.