Urgent! Will my chest and abs become patchy?!

This thursday I have an apointment with a new laser clinic and I am supposed to treat full upper body.
The thing is that I am concerned about patchyness. I have had 6 treatments on full back and it looks patchy, but the hair was not eaven before treatment either and also my former practitioners missed many spots every time and did not do a touch up treatment after two weeks, so the patchess just continued growing while the rest of the hairs around them shed.
Anyway, I wonder if someone who have had a lot of hairs on his chest and abs and have undergone treatments could say if the hair reduction looks eaven or if it is patchy even if the practitioner covers the hole area with laser/IPL and all hairs shed.

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If the clinic one is going to be treated at takes before and after photos, is it ones right to see other peoples before and after photos?

my doctor took a photo. i do not believe they are allowed to share them without your permission. patient priviledge, at least in the US

I haven’t found any significant patchiness. I think they are less likely to miss areas on the front too, since it’s easier to see what they’re doing.