Upper lip!!

Dear people,

I’d like to know if any of you have done their upper lip with electrolysis. If so, did it hurt a lot? Did it leave marks or anything? Please share, coz i’m still debating whether I should go for laser or electrolysis…I’m leaning more towards electrolysis because IT ISSSS permanent but I fear the pain!!

Share ur experience and thoughts…

Thanks in advance!!

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There are many variables. Depending on your body, your willingness to comply with certain rules, and the skill of your electrologist, and the equipment, electrologist’s understanding of the equipment, and maybe the topicals or other numbing agents available to you, you can have an experience that ranges from feeling nothing, feeling excrutiating pain and everything in between.

Have a few people do sample treatments on your legs or arms to see who feels best, and then move to the upper lip with the person who does the other work best.

As for what you can do to make your experience the best you can make it… Get a good nights sleep the day before your treatment. Tired people have higher sensitivity and are more on edge. Drink 2 litres of water every day if you are not already (4 oz per hour over 14 hours is good enough). Don’t smoke or drink alcohol prior to your treatment. If you can’t quit, try to go 24 hours without it. Get foods high in B vitamins and Calcium and or take supplements the week of your treatment. Peoplw who are low on these are more sensitive and nervous.

I have a longer explaination elsewhere on the site, but you would have to use the search feature to find that. Using the search feature, look for a post written by me and put in the keyword box “English Teacher”. That should find it for you. :wink:

Hi Zein- I would not have been able to do electrolysis (on my upper lip, chin, cheeks, stomach, arms, bikini, etc) if not for a topical cream called EMLA. It must be prescribed by a doctor, but I am sure your dermatologist or family doctor would be happy to write you a prescription once you explain why.
EMLA is a cream that you spread on the body part you wish to numb, and cover it with plastic for around an hour and a half. On the body, I feel NOTHING after EMLA has been applied- I could fall asleep on the electrologist’s table. On the upper lip however, EMLA reduces the pain rather than obliterates it- but it is a tolerable pain compared to what it would be without this lifesaving cream.
I’d look into it if you find the pain to be very bad.

I was just wondering how long it would take to completely finish the upper lip if I went often. Would it still take at least 9 months? After I cleared it once which does not seem like it would take long how many more times you think I would have to go? I’m currently doing a large area and it’s been about 9 months… I’ve noticed reduction but not full completion since it’s a lot to clear… but I just want to make sure it will actually be gone for good with no hairs growing back and no maintenance needed… also is there going to be red dots of my face like there is on the area I’m doing now. I dont want to be walkin around like that. I definetly recommend electrolysis to everyone…eventually you’ll see it work. I’ll keep you updated on the progress and eventually when it’s all gone. Thankss

Yours is one of those questions for which there is no easy answer. On the one hand, the quickest removal an electrologist can provide is 9 months to completion. It takes that long for every hair to show itself once in any given area. On the other hand, if you have a problem that is creating new hairs, you can grow new hairs at what ever rate your body is drafting new follicles to grow hair.

This is why we ask that women consult with their doctors to find out if they have a hormonal problem or other biological problem, or drug interaction (not that doctors are always helpful in this endeavor) because if the hair growing condition is not arrested, one could need the services of an electrologist (although on a limited basis) for the rest of one’s life.

You have about 1,000 follicles per square inch, and if your body is making new hair bearing follicles out of empty one’s that previously only handled production of sebum and sweat, then your problem is how many hairs per month your body is calling into service and how long it may take to get to 1,000 at that rate of recruitment, and finally how quickly your electrologist can remove the hairs to keep you clear.

So when you hear about someone who says “My friend’s Aunt Sophie tried electrolysis and she went every week her whole life.”, you are either hearing about someone who was addicted and working on her whole body, or you are hearing about someone who has an unchecked hair drafting problem.

Some people who either won’t, or can’t arrest their hair growing problem will need treatment for a short time every 3 to 6 months for the rest of their lives, but most people are done with an area in 9 to 18 months if they get quickly to first clearance.

I DID IT!! with the help of EMLA I didn’t feel anything…it feeels soooo gooood! I LAV IT, the whole process of electrolysis is not so bad!! I was red for a bit but it didn’t last too long…the lady is a PRO, she made me feel so comfortable!!

Can’t wait to go to my next one!!!

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