upper lip w/ gentlelase plus

Hello fellow hair-haters!
I had my upper lip done today with the gentlelase plus. The settings were 18J, 50/50 (cooling spray/delay), 15mm spot size. I am light skinned with dark hair that I would in the past tweeze, bleach or rarely shave. When I told my sister about today’s treatment she was kinda shocked, I guess 'cause I’ve been hiding my hair growth so well.
As I posted before I have had my full legs done a few years ago and each treatment would last a good hour or more. I remember the pain was pretty high up there on the “top ten” most painful experiences in my life list. But the results have been so awesome!
Anyways I was so nervous/scared yesterday and this morning just thinking about my treatment, that I was literally shaking in the waiting room! But the treatment only lasted probably less than 5 minutes and it wasn’t bad AT ALL!! My legs were so so much more sore after treatment.
It’s been over 5 hours since my treatment and my upper lip is just slightly pink and not sore at all. I had a technician today do my treatment instead of the nurses I had in the past. She was super sweet and has had/is having laser on her legs and arms and I think face as well. It really helps when the technician/RN/MD doing your laser has done it on his/herself and understands all that you are going through emotionally and physically!!
Well I hope that everyone eventually finds a solution to their “hair problems” so we can focus on more important things in life!! God Bless!

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Hi Barberswife,
thanks for sharing your experience. I just had my chin/upper lip treated a 2nd time yesterday, so I can feel your pain. Or lack of pain, hee hee! My treatment was with the Sciton Image ndYag, so it is different than what you are using, but the whole experience is similar, I’m sure.
I’m so happy to hear that you have gotten good, lasting results on your leg treatments, that is very encouraging for many of us.
Good luck to you and keep us updated on your progress.
Take care.

hello ellen3!
I read in your other post about a mouth guard you wore to protect your teeth enamel during laser tx. on your upper lip. My technician didn’t offer me one. Now I’m concerned about my teeth. I’m gonna call tommorrow and ask because I have to reschedule my next appt. anyway.

Hi barberswife!
It’s definitely good to ask. My tech said that they had never had any problems, but they would rather be safe, than sorry, so they are have patients use the mouthguard. They provided me with one and I get to keep it and use it for each treatment.
If they don’t provide one, maybe you can find one on your own. I could provide a picture of the one I am using, if you want to see it.
Hugs :smile: