Upper lip/male

Im a male. My hair is not as course as most guys but its still coarse and sensitive. I can only shave it every 4 or 5 days. the longer i let it grow, the easier the shave and the smoother it looks but I dont want to grow it at all. If I try to shave after 2 days, I get real razor burned and RED. My goal is reduction as in finer hair. If I can get the hair completely off, I dont mind. But I also don’t mind shaving, as long as when I do, it is completely smooth and not a sign of stubble. So my question is, Im worried about pitting, redness, etc. Am I being paranoid? I would rather the hair be reduced than be aggressively attacked by the needle to try to get rid of it. I’m going to be doing it with Tina Reynolds in Westwood, CA.

Sounds like you are in good hands with Tina. LAgirl has recommended her in the past.

Paranoia over pitting and redness is not called for. You will be fine. Are you sure you are not a good candidate for Laser hair reduction first? Pictures?

Laser scares me. The induced growth and all. My moustache looks like what a 16 year old usually has. Looks thin, not filled out. I can grow it out some but it would not be as thick as a normal mans. Im quite thankful for that, though. But the thought of laser going over areas that are completely bald near my moustache would probably cause more harm than good. Sorry dont have pics.

Well, go slow at first with electrolysis and see how your skin reacts. She can scatter the work and choose individual hairs that are the thickest first. Just talk it out with her until you arrive at a good plan. Tell her about your paranoia so she can reassure you. If you are under the age of 35, you will have to be patient. You may develop more hair as you mature.

im 27. luckily my facial hair has not thickened much at all since 21. thats when i noticed my chin get thicker. my upper lip did get a tad bit thicker. the rest of my face looks clean when i shave against the grain and i can do that every day without any problems. my hair is most scattered on my cheeks. i think i will do my lower lip first to test it out before trying the upper lip. both areas are sensitive.