upper lip hair removal

can anybody advise what laser/ipl is best when wanting to remove black downy hair from the upper lip? there are no coarse hairs. thanks

if it’s not a lot of hair, electrolysis might be best. laser works best on coarse hair. if you have light skin, go with alexandrite or diode if u do decide on it. but if it’s too fine, i wouldn’t risk it (it could activate the hairs to be stronger and more coarse if undertreated), and would go with electrolysis. I have the same issue and just started electrolysis for it. It’s very fast and not expensive at $60/hr.


I agree that electrolysis might be best for you if you want permanent removal. After 9 lasers I still had lots of upper lip hairs coming back which was very frustrating.
I switched to electrolysis and it has gotten rid of the majority of them, and I did have a lot to begin with.

Stick to the schedule they recommend though since you need to get the hairs treated in their proper phase to kill them.

Good Luck!