Upper lip hair @ 14


I’m 14 yrs old and I’ve got a problem with upper lip hair. I don’t know if other people notice it but I do and it really bothers me alot. My brother is getting married this summer and I’m gonna be a bridesmaid and I don’t want it to show on the pictures. What do you recomend for this? I’ve heard of hair threading, bleaching, and sugaring, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna wax cause it grows back and it grows thicker. I don’t want it to grow again thicker. And I don’t want to talk about it with my mom cause I just wanna buy a product myself or do something myself without talking with my mom about it. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I cry. I don’t like to be in rooms with lights shining on my face and I don’t like to be close to anybody cause they’ll be disgussed. Anyway please give your suggestions!!! :frowning:


If the hair is thin, but is dark and noticable then I would try a gentle bleaching agent first. It would be a subtle change but enough to make you feel better about your appearance. If the hair is course, then you might wanna think about sugaring. The hair doesn’t come back thicker or courser, it just feels that way because of the blunt end (stubble) that you feel instead of the tapered soft end of an existing hair. Anyways, I remember having those same feelings at 14. Does your mom have the same problem? Mine is hereditary and every female has to bleach, wax, laser or perform some kind of hair removal in the family it seems. There are lots of options so don’t worry, it’s managable. Good Luck :smile:


Hi loli.

Good temporary measures for your excess upper lip hair would be shaving or using a depilatory, like Nair. You’re right to avoid waxing, because over time, for most cases, the hair will change from fine, to medium, to coarse making the hair harder and harder to remove and disguise.

I don’t understand the particulars about your relationship with your mother, but if there is some way you can bring yourself to have a heart to heart conversation with her to share how upset you are, she might be able to help you solve your problem. It makes one feel better if a problem is shared with someone who understands you. I’m sure your mom loves you a lot and will listen and understand how much this bothers you.

You would need her cooperation if you decided on a more permanent solution. Electrolysis is a permanent solution, but you would need her to help you find a good electrologist, transport you to the electrologist’s office, pay for the treatments that may span over 6-9 months, perhaps pay for an anesthetic cream if it’s too uncorfortable for you, etc.

While you’re thinking about this, read all you can about the temporary methods mentioned above and research the electrolysis option, too. Hairtell.com and Hairfacts.com are excellent places to start.

Keep your chin up, loli. Don’t allow depression to keep you from working to figure out what your options are for right now and in the future.



Thanks alot Dee for your advice :smile:



You sound like a very together young lady with good priorities. I’m so very impressed with your comments. If only more adults could sort issues out as well as you do.

Take care and enjoy your brother’s wedding.



I talked to my mom about it, and she bought me some Nair! I feel so happy now. I feel cleaner, more confident and prettier :grin: I can’t believe I took some much time talking to my mom about it…


Glad to hear you talked to your Mom, loli, and all is well for you.