Upper Lip Electrolysis Scarring

Hi everyone. I am having electrolysis done on my upper lip and my last session was over a month ago however I still have brown dots that look like scars on my upper lip. I’ve tried to get good pics but it’s kinda hard, but you can kinda see the ‘dots’/hyperpigmented areas in the pics I have taken. They give off a 5 o’clock shadow effect which I really don’t like and am reluctant to have further upper lip sessions with these marks still there. I’ve been moisturising as usual and recently started applying Bio Oil but does anyone have any tips as to how to get rid of these? Thank you!

Edit: attached a few more clearer pics

These are not scars and are a normal part of the healing process of the skin. They will absolutely resolve . Within the first 30 days you will see he worst of the skin reaction but this process continues for 18 months or more. What you see now , is in no way what it will look like then. I see absolutely nothing of concern in these photos.


Ah okay, that’s a relief, thank you! It’s strange because I’ve only gotten these marks on my upper lip but never anywhere else on my face, and they’ve never usually lasted this long. Do you think the settings may have been a bit too high? And do you think it’s okay to continue my upper lip sessions?

The lighting is different in different photos but the first few show us your skin tone. that skin tone is susceptable to hyperpigmentation from trauma of any kind, plucking waxing. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation seems to be what you are seeing, and that always resolves. It’s likely the electrologist used an uninsulated needle and thermolysis. which would give this kind of marking. But again hyperpigmentation always fades and goes away completely.Upper lip hairs tend to be shallow and that can lead to some surface skin reaction. But there is nothing of concern in these photos. Just some minor blemishes that will full resolve and leave behind beautiful skin.

You’re right! I spoke to my electrologist about it and she said exactly the same thing and that it will resolve. Thanks so much :blush:

Did the hyperpigmentation fade ?

Hey, yes but it did take a while, it’s been replaced by new hyperpigmentation though :upside_down_face::joy: It’s weird because sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t, and only really on my upper lip… Dunno what that’s about.

Okay Thank you !
Because i have the same problem
Im scared it wont go away :sob:

Yeah I get you, if the marks are similar to mine chances are it will fade over time, but maybe spea to your electrologist about it. Also if you have Bio Oil or Vitamin E oil that can help fade hyperpigmentation so maybe give that a go :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay Thank you for answering me !