Upper Lip Discoloration

Hey everyone,

So I recently decided to under go thermolysis on my upper lip. I had two sessions. A day or so after my second session (my second session was on April 20th, so three days ago) I noticed that my upper lip had a shadow of sorts/was slightly darker than my actual skin tone. Pretty much looks like I have hair there when there isn’t.

I’m hesitant to think that it was the actual thermolysis or my practitioner because I’ve had the same practitioner for a year now and she’s done my side burns/chin without any problems. So, I chalked it up two things, either it was the sun exposure after the thermolysis albeit short sun exposure that may have caused the darkening or it was the use of depilatory creams over the years that caused this.

Like, I’ve never noticed it before, so I have no idea what the culprit is. Has anyone experienced this? In either of the scenarios that I have presented will I be able to reduce/eliminate the pigmentation? (I’m a person of color so I have dark brown skin if that helps anyone)

Thanks for reading !

Hello, electrolysis can cause hyperpigmentation but it still disappears with time , there are methods such as applying retin-a, but the efficiency is not that good. My advice is to wait and the brown marks will fade up!

Yeah, I have this too and it’s annoying but it’s slowly (and I mean slowly!) fading. Definitely wear a good sun screen on your upper lip at all times as sun can slow down the fading process; it’s a good idea also to ask your electrologist why this happened and whether the settings can be adjusted.

Good luck!