upper lip/chin dillema

im stuck between chosing laser or electrolysis. I want to do my upper lip hair and chin, i have alott of hair and my skin is an olive/light brown colour with black hair.
Is laser or electrolysis better/more effective for this area? Also, about how much would it cost for both methods…im in toronto.
thanks :grin:

nina212: Hi. I have your same colouring and hair problem. I have had four laser hair removal treatments on those areas and also my neck area. Even though the laser is awesome and it reduces the hair and the denseness, and you don’t have to worry about hair removal for about 5-6 weeks after each treatment, the upper lip is not as “clear” as the other areas. It has the thickest and most stubborn hair. It has taken away some of the shadow affect, but the hair still grows back quite thick approx 7 weeks after each treatment. My chin and neck is NOTICABLY clearer and smoother. And I believe I can have a completely clear chin and neck (hopefully for good) by the end of 6-7 treatments. But I will need to have electrolysis done for stubborn upper lip hairs. I have never had electrolysis done but I think I can handle it for a small amount of hair that will be left.
Also, the laser hurts ALOT on the upper lip. I imagine it would be painful to have anything done there. The chin and neck are barely noticable with the Emla (applied 1 hour-1 and half hours before).
I am having treatments done in Kitchener and for: upper lip, lower lip, chin and neck, it costs $250 plus taxes = $286 each treatment. I had the first treatment half price and any additional treatments after these for touch ups, are at a reduced rate. I had real thick hair coming through and this has been a great thing for me and I find to be worth the money.
I hope this helped you out alittle. Good Luck!! :grin: