Upper body LHR Reduction - (Male)

Hey guys,

New member here…very fortunate to have found this sight full of information and personal experiences.

Here is my situation. Early 20s male, pretty hairy all over upper and lower body (light olive skin tone) It has always been an issue for me in regards to feeling self conscious which is why I am here contemplating on talking the plunge for LHR.

Has anyone, male, ever done a full upper body LHR treatment? If so, could anyone shed some light has to how the regrowth looked between each treatment? I am very aware of the 3 different hair growth cycles and that correct overlapping prevents patchy regrowth; however, everybody’s hair grows differently and results can vary. I know there are other threads on here listing success stories; however, I am really seeking stories for male upper body area and their regrowth experience between each treatment.

Since I have uniform hair on my upper and lower body, I am solely seeking a reduction so I don’t look unnatural with minimal hair on top and lots of hair on my lower body. I know no none can give me a definitive answer has to the results of LHR, but I am looking for positive experience of natural looking reduction of hair per LHR treatment.

I can post pictures if necessary. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Posting pics might help us provide feedback. However, I think you understand that people respond differently to LHR and a lot of the success or failure depends on the type of laser, settings used and skill of the technician.

I am a guy and I’ve had success thinning out hair density. But I went in to the appointments educated about lasers and their settings. However, I also had a bad experience treating hair on the back of my neck. The goal was to get rid of the hair below the hair line (you know the hair that a barber clips to give you that clean fresh hair cut look). Pretty sure the hair back there was too fine to begin with and it ended up stimulating hair growth so now I want to get electrolysis. Good luck and keep us posted.