Upper Arm Electrolysis - Some Pics

Hello - I am a 29 year old male with a Fitzpatrick 5 skin type. I have extensive hair of my chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and some areas of my back.

About three years ago I decided to have my upper body hair removed with laser. Unfortunately - I believe hair growth was induced on my upper arms, shoulders and back. There may have been a very modest (maybe 5%) reduction of my chest hair - but certainly not worth the investment (had approximately 8 treatments @ 300$/treatment with the LightSheer Duet at the Jewish General Hospital - Dr Billick’s Dermatology Clinic - Check out my previous posts for details on settings, etc).

Now that I have a stable income, I have decided to pursue electrolysis. Because of the extensive area of that I would like to have cleared - I have decided to do this in stages - starting with my upper arms. I went for my first set of electrolysis sessions this week. My initial goal is to obtain 100% clearance of my upper arms in two weeks. I have currently completely clears my right upper arm (took 4 hours)- and I will start my left arm next week. My electrologist is using a thermolysis method.

I have posted a picture of my left arm (untreated) and picture of my right arm (treated). Will post more pictures as my sessions progress.

Left Arm: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/706/leftarm.jpg/

Right Arm: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/138/rightarm.jpg/

And legs? Did you experience any reduction on your legs?

Thanks for the pictures. Is there any PIH? And if I may ask, what are the red marks on your arms? striae?

Hi Mumbai Girl - Being a male, removing hair from my legs is not a consideration. I am simply looking to remove hair from places that are causing me the most distress. These areas are (in order of most to least distressing):


I therefore decided to started electrolysis on my arms first. I am prone to PIH - however, as far as I can tell - I have not had any signs of PIH (I am currently 5 days out of my first session of electrolysis - I have had three in total).

The stria on my arms are from working out. I used to be very muscular - but in the recent months I have lost a lot of weight… thus the striae.

Oh I thought you had laser on your legs and was asking about its results. I assumed. I’m sorry.

Out of curiosity, are you looking to get all the hair removed or to just get it reduced? Just keep in mind that it might look awkward if you have no hair anywhere on your arms, but there’s a bunch on your chest and back.

Actually, there are a number of males who remove hair on their legs (some do it completely, and some just do a couple sessions/clearances of laser/electrolysis to reduce the amount.) Of course, the decision is for you to decide!

hahhahhaha… I concur… that would be ridiculous, lol…

I am pretty good about keeping the hair on my shoulders and back to a minimum. So (hopefully) removing the hair on my upper arms won’t be too awkward. because of the large area to be covered, I decided to target the arms first, and after 4-6 sessions, once the hair has been significantly reduced (my hope) then I’ll move on to the rest of my body in stages.

Looks very similar to mine, except i have loads of finer less pigmented hair that only electrolysis can treat. Soprano xl also induced and made it thinner in some areas. I also have the stretch marks from weight training but not as red as yours as they quite old now. You must have grown pretty quick!

Good luck to you smartreader. In Sept, I’m starting the same areas. Although I will probably do my back/shoulders first. So, 8 sessions total for your first clearance? I’m just trying to get some figures down for how much it will cost

Hey hankm77, thank you for the wishes. As I have been getting older, I feel like my hair has been getting out of control. The constant shaving and waxing was getting a bit too much.

Electrolysis is time consuming - I have high hopes. We shall see how things turn out. I will continue to post updates with pictures.

Hey smartreader! I am new to this site and came across your post, as I am looking into electrolysis on my upper arms after having laser induced hair growth there. :frowning: How are your treatments going? Can you provide us with an update and maybe some pictures? Thanks!!